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Social Distancing

What to Expect from COVID 19 Mental & Physical Health Impact

What to Expect from COVID 19’s  Mental and Physical Health Impact  If you are like most people right now, it may be hard to get your mind off of the ongoing pandemic. But, it isn’t all there is. Things could actually turn out for the better if you brace for the Covid 19 mental and physical health impact. It is, of course, not going to be as easy as taking a quick-relief pill.  Sometimes, it will not even promise relief and oftentimes, all it leaves is you with your thoughts. The biggest consolation or redemption, perhaps, is your awareness of […]

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Working at Home

Effective Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine

Effective Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine Quarantine is one of the most immediate solutions for staying safe during the pandemic. However, it does not prevail without side-effects, particularly to mental health. Quarantine measures are observed to protect not only others but also, and most importantly, yourself. Thus, it is only right that you mitigate its negative psychological impacts on your well-being using available means like counseling, therapy, and even self-help wellness tips.   Quarantine can be a source of positivity and healing.   Why Should I be Concerned About my Mental Health During Quarantine? According to a recent study […]

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