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Mental Burden of Getting COVID-19 Vaccines

COVID-19 vaccinations are seen as the most effective way to combat the virus. While many approve of getting COVID-19 vaccines, still a number of people are hesitant to get one. This adds to more mental stress and burden in fighting the virus. Governments all over the world are encouraging their citizens in getting COVID-19 vaccines. Incentives and other benefits are enjoyed by vaccinated people. However, not all are in total compliance because they feel that it violates their freedom to choose. Why are people afraid of getting COVID-19 vaccines? 1. COVID-19 vaccines are not safe. Usually it takes many years […]

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Loss of a Loved One During Pandemic

Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One during Pandemic  The worst thing about Covid-19 pandemic is dealing with the deaths of our loved ones. The choice of staying at home and observing strict health practices are done with high regards.  The fear that the virus would come in worst scenarios still remain strong.   No one is ever prepared for deaths. Hearing someone dies because of the virus is not easy to accept. Deaths happen so fast that no one could keep up with it. No one sees it coming. No one is expecting it to happen in their families. […]

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Keeping Mental Health Check During Distance Learning

5 Ways to Keep your Children’s Mind Alert during Distance Learning The hype of distance learning is slowly fading away as many students and parents complain of its threats to mental health. This may sound alarming, but distance learning is here to stay as part of the new normal.  Distance learning is may be a triggering factor to mental health but it is manageable.  Parents now are paying more attention to their children’s distance learning. They monitor their behavior and attitude closely to see if there are changes. This may sound too much but there are studies that back up […]

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People losing work.

5 Healthy Ways to Deal with Unemployment and Mental Health Issues 

Many people all over the world are dealing with unemployment caused by Covid-19. This scene significantly impacts the mental health of those affected.  Laying off workers, cutting down salaries and closing businesses have become the norms.  Some people never expected it to happen that fast or for this long. Most of them are not even prepared financially, emotionally, and mentally for they are living from paycheck to paycheck.  Whether it is a temporary or a permanent job loss, it is still a heavy burden to bear which causes a lot of employees to fall into stress, depression, and anxiety. Studies […]

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Unemployment and Depression

Unemployment Amidst Pandemic

Unemployment Amidst Pandemic: Its Implications to Mental Health COVID-19 has not only caused sickness and death, but it has also disrupted most people’s means of survival – their jobs. While everyone is threatened with losing their lives due to the virus, there are also many who are scraping up to their very last cents to pay the bills and feed their families. People are trying their hardest to make ends meet just to survive until everything returns to normal. This is a heartbreaking tale that many of us refuse to face as we continue to live and cope with the […]

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Mental Health Tips To Cope With Distance Learning

The COVID pandemic has resulted in changes among school programs around the world. To comply with social distancing measures, schools have been closed down and the main method of learning has been through digital platforms.  The closure of schools and the sudden switch to distance learning have both advantages and challenges. While some students are thriving and coping fairly well, there are those who are negatively affected by the sudden change in teaching methods.  Some students are experiencing mental health problems such as anxiety, stress, increased level of distress, and depression. While distance learning promotes social distancing and limits the […]

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Burnout Among Healthcare Workers

Burnout Among Healthcare Workers Being a healthcare worker is both a gratifying yet challenging role. The healthcare industry is stressful, emotionally draining, and physically exhausting. When this happens, healthcare workers are prone to burnout. They begin to lose not only drive but also efficacy in work, potentially reducing the safety and quality of care provided to patients.  Burnout is a recurring issue experienced by healthcare workers, especially during these times. Burnout among healthcare workers can be due to: working long hours, demanding workloads, and the stress of being exposed to loss of life. Recognizing burnout early can help prevent it […]

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COVID Related Health Issues

COVID Related Health Issues What started as a cluster of unexplained cases of pneumonia in China, COVID-19 has now become one of the most impactful diseases to affect mankind with over 73 million confirmed cases and 1.6 million recorded deaths worldwide. Warning, this article discusses suicide and can trigger some individuals.    Almost a year into this pandemic, the world is facing another health crisis – a rise in mental health problems brought about the sudden changes within our daily lives. Just like the world is unprepared for the coronavirus, a study published in The Lancet states that “the world […]

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Good Sleep

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep During Lockdown 

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep During Lockdown  Are you so overly worried about the ongoing pandemic that you can’t get a good night’s sleep? A number of people suffer from this, it’s not just you. Not to worry though, we are here to give you a few tips to alleviate this with a good dose of mental fitness.   In today’s unrest, many people can barely keep things together. Cases of sleeplessness have spiked to a point that is beyond normal. The difference in today’s cases lies with a singular-triggering stressor that being: the pandemic. Thus, we invite […]

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Social Distancing

What to Expect from COVID 19 Mental & Physical Health Impact

What to Expect from COVID 19’s  Mental and Physical Health Impact  If you are like most people right now, it may be hard to get your mind off of the ongoing pandemic. But, it isn’t all there is. Things could actually turn out for the better if you brace for the Covid 19 mental and physical health impact. It is, of course, not going to be as easy as taking a quick-relief pill.  Sometimes, it will not even promise relief and oftentimes, all it leaves is you with your thoughts. The biggest consolation or redemption, perhaps, is your awareness of […]

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Working at Home

Effective Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine

Effective Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine Quarantine is one of the most immediate solutions for staying safe during the pandemic. However, it does not prevail without side-effects, particularly to mental health. Quarantine measures are observed to protect not only others but also, and most importantly, yourself. Thus, it is only right that you mitigate its negative psychological impacts on your well-being using available means like counseling, therapy, and even self-help wellness tips.   Quarantine can be a source of positivity and healing.   Why Should I be Concerned About my Mental Health During Quarantine? According to a recent study […]

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Psychological Effects Of Quarantine During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Psychological Effects Of Quarantine During the Coronavirus Outbreak The recent coronavirus outbreak has affected everyone worldwide. While some countries like China and New Zealand claim to have overcome the situation, many still suffer from the havoc spread by this virus. The initial outbreak of Covid-19 was reported in Wuhan in December 2019 and progressed to a global pandemic soon after. It has been affecting human lives ever since. To protect people and limit the spread of this highly infectious virus, many governments imposed strict country-wide lockdown, advised the public to live in Quarantine, and suggested practicing social distancing. While Quarantine […]

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