Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety disorder

Whenever you feel nervous and scared in a social situation, you find ways to overcome and manage it. It is normal to clam up or be uncomfortable when you….

10 Ways to Get Over Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety disorder

It is normal to feel nervous in front of other people but once this feeling evolves to constant worry, fear, panic, uneasiness and discomfort, you probably have social anxiety….

Helpful Tips for Parents of LGBTQ+ Teens

Parents of LGBTQ+ Teens

Parents of LGBTQ+ teens know that coming into terms of their sexual orientation is not an easy journey. It is a life-changing decision that requires a whole level of….

Coming Out as LGBTQ+ to Your Family

LGBTQ+ Family

Just like anyone who is struggling in finding out their sexual orientation, being honest and coming out as LGBTQ+ to your family is probably one of the hardest things….

Easy Tips in Dealing with Stress Parenting

Dealing with stress Parenting

There are no perfect parents. This is something that all parents desire but somehow remains difficult to achieve. Raising children is a love and hate relationship. So many aspects….

Fighting the Stigma Against Mental Illness

Women during Yoga

Diagnosis and treatment of mental illness have evolved over the years but one thing remains – the social stigma associated with having a mental illness. 

According to BMC Psychiatry, stigma….

Combat Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression

7 Ways to Combat Postpartum Depression
Nearly all women experience some form of “baby blues” – feeling sad, worried, fatigued, emotionally unavailable – in the first few weeks after delivery….

8 Tips to Deal with Death

Deal with Death

8 Tips on Dealing With Death in a Healthy Way
Dealing with death is an unwanted, but necessary action to take when you lose someone, as everyone will go through….

Emotional First Aid

Emotional First Aid

Ways to Practice Emotional First Aid
Whenever we sustain physical wounds, we are taught to treat them quickly and to patch them up – the same thing goes for emotional….