Paranoia issues

Life is bewildering and unpredictable. It can be surprising and confusing and this is what makes life scary. No wonder there are a number of people who develop personality….

Battling Midlife Crisis

Battling Midlife crisis

As you get older, you cannot help but look back on how you were during your younger years. It could be that you miss your energetic, youthful self or….

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety disorder

Whenever you feel nervous and scared in a social situation, you find ways to overcome and manage it. It is normal to clam up or be uncomfortable when you….

10 Ways to Get Over Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety disorder

It is normal to feel nervous in front of other people but once this feeling evolves to constant worry, fear, panic, uneasiness and discomfort, you probably have social anxiety….

10 Strategies to Manage Perfectionism

Manage Perfectionism

Perfectionism is viewed as similar to attaining great achievements. However, there is a big difference between people who are perfectionists and high achievers. High achievers always do their very….

The Struggles of Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder

Alcoholism, now known as alcohol use disorder, affects 53.1 million Americans. This is a disorder that is difficult to recognize and diagnose. As a matter of fact, not all….

Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Lake Thoughts

How mindfulness can transform your life
In today’s world, finding time for oneself and enjoying life’s moments has often become difficult. You head to work every day, trying to manage….