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How “Marriage Counselling Near Me” Decisions Help You

Love is beautiful, expressed when you and your partner come together to continue the journey. However, reality has plans, and the journey might not get as rosy as you expect it to be. Issues would likely occur, and it’s up to you and your partner to resolve it between yourselves to make the relationship work. Sometimes your solution leads you to search for marriage counselling near me to help connect you and your partner. Let’s find out what this marriage counseling really is and how a visit to a marriage therapist can help you. What Is Marriage Counselling? As many people […]

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Postpartum Depression Among Fathers

Not many people are aware that postpartum depression among fathers exists. It is a common misconception that solely the mothers experienced intense and overwhelming emotions because they are the ones carrying the baby. Fathers, on the other hand, are expected to be strong and dependable because their partners needed them the most during this period. This is the reason their mental health is often disregarded and unconsidered. Is postpartum depression among fathers real? Until now, mental health among men is still considered a stigma because of what society portrays them. Men are supposed to be tough and full of vigor. […]

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The Importance of Forgiveness in Relationships

In every relationship, forgiving is a vital aspect that tends to be overlooked by many. Everyone thinks that love is enough but the importance of forgiveness in relationships is what keeps them longer and stronger. When you are hurt by someone, whom you care deeply and dearly, it leaves a mark that is never easy to forget and forgive. Forgiving them is the last thing in your mind because you want them to feel the same pain of betrayal and resentments. You want them to be hurt as much as you are hurting. How important is forgiveness in relationships? Every […]

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Things You Must Do Before Ending your Marriage

Getting a divorce is probably one of the hardest decisions you made in your married life. The thought of it sends chills of regrets and pain because you always envision yourself growing old with your spouse. Many married couples would agree that deciding to end the marriage is not an overnight judgment. It is rooted from countless disappointments, numerous cheatings, incessant abuses or immovable immature behaviors for a long time. Is ending your marriage a necessary step to take? The vows you speak at your wedding signify that the love you have for each other is true and real. It […]

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The End of a Marriage

No couple wants to end their marriage. Every relationship grows because of love and commitment and seeing these fade, you instantly feel regret and pain. Everybody wants to experience their happily-ever-after. A fairy tale wedding sounds possible but a fairy tale marriage demands a fusion of hard work and compromise. It is not always a walk in the park or a bird singing and a mouse dancing. It is up to the both of you to make every minute full of love and desire. Walking away from your marriage will open doors to more complicated matters like child custody, financial […]

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How To Communicate Better in a Relationship

Communication is the foundation of a secure, healthy relationship. Communication done effectively will strengthen your relationship and help you understand each other better. Done ineffectively, it can lead to conflict and turmoil within the relationship.   It is through communication that you and your partner will get to know each other, connect, express your feelings, and settle any problems. It is a skill you have to hone and practice in your relationship. Poor communication between two partners will lead to relentless fighting without resolution of the root cause. Decent conversations will become sparse and both of you will resort to giving […]

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The 7 Stages After a Breakup

Breakups hurt like crazy, and there’s no way around it. If you were involved in a relationship with all your heart, no matter the amount of compassion the breakup is dealt with; it is a painful process. Experiencing a heartbreak of this sort can shake you to your very foundations, making you question your faith in love and confidence itself. The pain of rejection or mourning a lost love is intense. Even if you’re the one who ended things, there’s often guilt associated with your sadness. Most cultures around the globe emphasize “forever” as a relationship goal. It is a […]

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Intimate relationship

10 Tips for Better Intimate Relationships

Intimate relationships are those characterized by caring, closeness, and trust. Intimacy involves feelings of emotional closeness and connectedness with another person. While intimacy is usually associated with those factors, it is also very much beyond all of that.   Intimacy is more than being involved sexually with a person. It is more than kissing, holding, and cuddling with each other. Intimacy means being wholly comfortable with another person, inside and out. Better intimate relationships mean letting another person see into your soul more than your body.  Intimacy is not instant, as it takes time to build and you have to put […]

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How to Set Boundaries In Relationships

How to Set Boundaries In Relationships Relationships are an essential part of life for a myriad of reasons. These reasons include learning how to be a good partner or friend, having someone to confide in, and having a support system in times of need. Friends, family, and loved ones provide you company and make you feel included. Each of your relationships impacts your life differently and helps you grow and learn about others and yourself. Relationships are meant to be the glue that holds you together during the ups and downs of life. Sometimes, however, overindulgence in each other’s personal […]

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Friends & Social Media

Dealing With Social Media Toxicity

Recent Studies on Dealing With Social Media Toxicity  Many people’s lives revolve around social media. In today’s new normal, it’s hard to get away from social media. Every little thing we do finds its place on our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter spaces. While global spaces have merged, connecting lifestyles and making the world smaller than it has ever been, social media does have its faults. It also doesn’t come as a surprise if we tell you that social media thrives on toxic elements.   Learning how to deal with social media toxicity addresses unseen mental and emotional issues.   Why […]

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Psychotherapy for Couples

Couples Counseling: What to Expect

Most people expect their love life and relationships to go smooth like fairytales. Romantic dramas show that once people pass through all the difficulties, they get together and live happily ever after. However, real life is much different. Keeping relationships healthy and intact isn’t as simple as it seems to be in the movies. The real challenge begins after people finally get together as a couple. If you’re in a new relationship, chances are you’re going to face a lot of ups and downs in your journey together. Couples often realize the impact and importance of being in a relationship […]

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Happy Couple

Communication: Relating in Relationships

Do you feel lonely despite being in a relationship? Do you feel ignored by your partner? Do you feel the need to be in touch or surrounded by your partner 24/7? Or do you feel like sometimes you are just not on the same page whatsoever? If your answer was yes to more than one of your questions, you and your partner might be having issues with relating to one another. Everyone’s definition of a “good relationship” differs. It is subjective. However, objectively, there are certain things you need in a romantic relationship to remain happy. There are different ways […]

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