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People losing work.

5 Healthy Ways to Deal with Unemployment and Mental Health Issues 

5 Healthy Ways to Deal with Unemployment and Mental Health Issues  Many people all over the world are dealing with unemployment caused by Covid-19. This scene significantly impacts the mental health of those affected.  Laying off workers, cutting down salaries and closing businesses have become the norms.  Some people never expected it to happen that fast or for this long. Most of them are not even prepared financially, emotionally, and mentally for they are living from paycheck to paycheck.  Whether it is a temporary or a permanent job loss, it is still a heavy burden to bear which causes a […]

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Unemployment and Depression

Unemployment amidst Pandemic

Unemployment amidst Pandemic: Its Implications to Mental Health COVID-19 has not only caused sickness and death, but it has also disrupted most people’s means of survival – their jobs. While everyone is threatened with losing their lives due to the virus, there are also many who are scraping up to their very last cents to pay the bills and feed their families. People are trying their hardest to make ends meet just to survive until everything returns to normal. This is a heartbreaking tale that many of us refuse to face as we continue to live and cope with the […]

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Debunking Myths About Depression

Debunking Myths About Depression According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 15 million adults aged 18 or older have reported at least one major depressive episode in their lifetime. It has been estimated that up to 15% of people around the world experience depression.  Facts and myths about depression have to be distinguished properly since myths tend to increase prejudice among those with mental illness. It is important to increase the general understanding of this condition and take away any misconceptions.   The stigma associated with depression is still there, so in this article, we will debunk some myths […]

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Depression Therapy

Depression: What Is It, How to Deal With It, and What Does it Say About Me?

Depression is more than just the feeling of laziness. It is more than just feeling sad for a few days in a row. Do you ever feel like your closest friends or your family members are unable to understand you? Do they tell you to “snap out of it?” My goodness, why didn’t you think of this great idea! Only if depression was that simple. Depression is like a weight pulling your body down, so massive that you have to gather the strength to push against it and lighten the impact every day. Depression is debilitating. Some people understand it, […]

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