Loving Someone with a Childhood Trauma

Childhood Trauma

Loving someone is never easy; how much more when that person is struggling with childhood trauma? The negative effects of childhood trauma continue to manifest into adulthood, and it can be a problem in future relationships. It is not something that they can just leave behind and forget once they’re adults. When you choose to […]

Trauma Recovery: Things to Keep in Mind

Trauma Recovery

Facing trauma is tough. Many folks find it difficult to admit they need help. It’s not easy to open up about fears and painful memories—we often just want to shove those things aside and get on with life, pretending the past never happened. But the reality is acknowledging and dealing with the pain is a […]

How to Survive a Midlife Crisis

Survive in Midlife crisis

Your perception about life changes during middle age. It is either you become wiser and braver due to your innumerable experiences or you are oblivious and fearful because you….

Battling Midlife Crisis

Battling Midlife crisis

As you get older, you cannot help but look back on how you were during your younger years. It could be that you miss your energetic, youthful self or….

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety disorder

Whenever you feel nervous and scared in a social situation, you find ways to overcome and manage it. It is normal to clam up or be uncomfortable when you….

10 Strategies to Manage Perfectionism

Manage Perfectionism

Perfectionism is viewed as similar to attaining great achievements. However, there is a big difference between people who are perfectionists and high achievers. High achievers always do their very….

Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts

Dealing with suicidal Thoughts

These days, hearing and knowing people who are struggling with depression and anxiety is not anymore uncommon. It becomes more terrifying and overwhelming when they have to deal with….

10 Ways to Prevent Suicide Thoughts

Prevent Suicide Thoughts

When you are at the lowest point in your life, you feel hopeless and alone. You create a bubble that no one is allowed in and continue to think….

Emotional First Aid

Emotional First Aid

Ways to Practice Emotional First Aid
Whenever we sustain physical wounds, we are taught to treat them quickly and to patch them up – the same thing goes for emotional….