Paranoia issues

Life is bewildering and unpredictable. It can be surprising and confusing and this is what makes life scary. No wonder there are a number of people who develop personality….

How Consumption Abuse Affects Mental Health

Abuse affects Mental Health

Life has always been challenging and many people turn to illegal drinking just to escape reality momentarily without thinking of its long-term effects. Over the course of time, it….

Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts

Dealing with suicidal Thoughts

These days, hearing and knowing people who are struggling with depression and anxiety is not anymore uncommon. It becomes more terrifying and overwhelming when they have to deal with….

Postpartum Depression Among Fathers

Postpartum Depression among Fathers

Not many people are aware that postpartum depression among fathers exists. It is a common misconception that solely the mothers experienced intense and overwhelming emotions because they are the….

How to Control your Anger

Control your anger

Feeling angry is a normal human emotion. This becomes a problem when you do it excessively until you can no longer control it. Anger management disorder is a real….

Tackling Anger Management Disorder

Anger Management Disorder

Anger is a normal feeling and reaction whenever you feel threatened or offended. However, it advances to a mental disorder when it becomes excessive and uncontrollable. Anger management disorder….

How to Battle Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder

The reality of alcohol use disorder is scary and overwhelming. Many find it embarrassing and degrading. It is something that no one wants to discuss openly. Some choose to….

The Struggles of Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder

Alcoholism, now known as alcohol use disorder, affects 53.1 million Americans. This is a disorder that is difficult to recognize and diagnose. As a matter of fact, not all….

How to Live Life with a Forgiving Heart

Life with Forgiving Heart

Forgiveness is not easily given out to people who deeply hurt you. It is neither demanded nor forced. It should be given freely by a forgiving heart that chooses….