How Consumption Abuse Affects Mental Health

Abuse affects Mental Health

Life has always been challenging and many people turn to illegal drinking just to escape reality momentarily without thinking of its long-term effects. Over the course of time, it….

10 Ways to Prevent Suicide Thoughts

Prevent Suicide Thoughts

When you are at the lowest point in your life, you feel hopeless and alone. You create a bubble that no one is allowed in and continue to think….

Postpartum Depression Among Fathers

Postpartum Depression among Fathers

Not many people are aware that postpartum depression among fathers exists. It is a common misconception that solely the mothers experienced intense and overwhelming emotions because they are the….

Tackling Anger Management Disorder

Anger Management Disorder

Anger is a normal feeling and reaction whenever you feel threatened or offended. However, it advances to a mental disorder when it becomes excessive and uncontrollable. Anger management disorder….

Coming Out as LGBTQ+ to Your Family

LGBTQ+ Family

Just like anyone who is struggling in finding out their sexual orientation, being honest and coming out as LGBTQ+ to your family is probably one of the hardest things….

Pressures of Society on Men

Society Pressure on Men

Men have always been the superior species in society. Even until now, where feminism is strongly upheld, society still has exceptional assumptions on them. People tend to forget the….